Medela Symphony Breast Pump Review

medela symphony breast pump review

When it’s time to buy a breast pump, most moms are willing to invest in a good one because of the numerous benefits of breast milk for babies. Medela offers the Symphony model to those in search of a hospital grade breast pump. With a price tag of over $1,000, the Medela Symphony breast pump is the manufacturer’s most expensive model to date.

Read more of this breast pump review to find out how we rate this top of the line breast pump.

 Design and Operation

The Medela Symphony breast pump features a double pumping action for faster expression time as well as single pumping for those who want to nurse their baby while expressing milk on the other breast.

It comes with a hard case and is considerably hefty but obviously durable. Even if you bump and bang it when lugging it around it won’t be as prone to breakage compared to other models.

Setting up the Medela Symphony breast pump is pretty easy as you simply screw the flanges on the bottles, attach one end of the tubes to the flange and the other end to the pump and then flip on the switch.

Because it is not a hands-free breast pump it is a good idea to purchase a special bandeau that can hold the flanges to your breasts while expressing if you plan to do something else at the same time.

The Medela Symphony breast pump also comes with a container stand where you can place the bottles before and/or after expression.

medela symphony breast pump review


The Medela Symphony breast pump’s 2-Phase Expression mode is designed to mimic your baby’s sucking action and encourage faster let down as featured in most Medela breast pump reviews. You can start with short and gentle tugs prior to let down to stimulate milk production. Once you feel your milk coming in you can simply switch it to a higher setting which feels like an infant sucking deeply yet still gently on your breasts to get more milk out.

This manner of stimulating and drawing milk out is very effective and, quite notably, considerably pain-free. It is highly unlikely that you’ll end up with sore nipples even if you pump for an extended period of time because you can switch between low and high settings.

Once letdown is over you can simply turn the knob back to a lower setting to give your nipples a short break and wait for the next letdown before cranking it up again. You can experiment with the settings to find the most comfortable and effective one for you. Other pumps usually start and finish in just one expression mode, which is unlike a nursing infant’s way of drawing out milk and is hence less efficient.

The unique 2-Phase action of the Medela Symphony breast pump means you get to express more milk in less time. Another plus is that it is very quiet while in operation. The soft hissing sound of the pump will not disturb your baby’s sleep, enabling you to express milk while staying in the room with him.

However, be mindful of the fact that condensation somehow easily builds up inside the tubes. You will have to let the pump run without the bottles every so often to get rid of the moisture.

medela symphony breast pump review


Performance-wise, the Medela Symphony breast pump gets two thumbs up because of its ability to collect more milk in less time without sacrificing comfort.

For the average consumer, its major drawbacks are the steep price tag and its heft, which can really be an inconvenience unless you have someone to carry it around for you.

We conclude in this breast pump review that if you’ve got the funds and you see yourself using it in the long run for your present and future children, it’s a great investment to make.


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